Why is it a good idea to combine loans?

When you have loans from multiple sources, there is a greater risk of problems with repayment. The bills seem to be piling up and the various due dates and payment terms are hard to remember. Especially in such a case, the combination of loans is a sensible option.

Combining loans

Combining loans

Combining loans will greatly facilitate economic management. Many small loans easily accrue a bigger pot, or even if they don’t, it is still easier to pay just one bill instead of several. The terms of a single loan are also easier to adapt to your financial situation and flexible enough.

What are the benefits of combining loans?

What are the benefits of combining loans?


When there are several loans, it is difficult to see how much the total cost of the loans will be. The cost of withdrawing each loan, the opening fee, the interest rate and other costs are different, so finding out their total amount is quite economical.

As a result, paying multiple loans easily pays more than one person with only one loan.

What kind of loan can be used to combine loans? It is not a good idea to start a consolidation with any loan. Among other things, the responsible creditor is identified by checking the applicant’s ability to pay and only granting a loan that the applicant is reasonably able to pay.

The Good Finance Consolidation Loan is one good option for combining loans. You can apply for a loan to combine many loans, as you can apply for a loan from $ 1000 to $ 10,000.

Generally, the monthly installment size can be selected from a few options. This amount is almost certainly less than the amount that multiple borrowers will pay to all lenders. The actual annual interest rate for one loan is easier to estimate than the individual interest rates for many loans.

Advantages of loan consolidation:

  • Only one bill
  • Only one due date
  • You pay only the cost of one loan
  • Probably a smaller monthly payment than the sum of all invoices

Payment late? What is the point of concern?

Payment late? What is the point of concern?


Of course, whenever bills start to fall behind their due dates, and specifically because of the general economic situation, there is reason to be concerned and revise your own budgeting. The actual delay of a few days does not yet entail any consequences, but it does give cause for monitoring.

With multiple invoices, it can be difficult to keep up. Some invoices will be emailed, some will be mailed, and some will be online only. In particular, invoices that arrive electronically are easily forgotten when the physical invoice is not in its own right. And this is where the bundle of bills can be taken over by combining loans.

In the case of a loan, the customer usually receives several reminders both via SMS and customer service. This is to ensure that the customer does not inadvertently fail to pay the invoice and, for example, has to pay the costs of the notice.

It is very unusual for the actual default payment entry to appear in the credit information unexpectedly or unintentionally. After the note invoices and reminder invoices, the debt collection agency will send a number of recovery letters and call to arrange payments.

It is only after these that the unpaid invoice goes to legal recovery, ie it is challenged in the District Court. If it proceeds to the judgment and the judgment is given, a defective payment will be made.

Take control of your finances, apply for a loan from Good Finance and combine your loans!