Which Entities Offer Payday Loans of 20,000 (thousand)?

In many moments of life we ​​are faced with situations in which we need a loan that gives us extra money to the salary we have every month. For those who are in need of similar sums or around $ 20,000 may find more interesting options in this article

This sum of money may be necessary to make a dream trip, pay for the honeymoon, some appliance / s for the home, remodeling, change the car, invest, among other options.

Obtaining this extra money is not at all difficult, we simply have to comply with certain requirements that each financial institution or bank will put as a condition and do the corresponding procedures. Do not forget about loans from the Bank Provinsya.

Each option or entity will offer us different characteristics, requirements, amounts, interest rates. Before going into these options some recommendations when it comes to taking out a loan:

  • The interest rates that the entity has are important, but also the extra expenses of granting or maintenance, medical insurance. All these make up what we call Total Financial Cost , a fundamental fact when comparing the different options
  • Determine if the interest rate of the loan will remain stable or variable over time. It is important to know under what parameter you will change
  • It is important to take into account if the loan can be canceled in advance, some allow it in total or partial ways or both at the same time. It is important to know if it is possible to cancel what the cost of said action will be.
  • Investigate if it is necessary to open a specific bank account for the entity that offers the loan or if we can operate with an account, current bank that we already have. Opening a new one may incur extra opening and maintenance costs.
  • Reading the fine print, researching and comparing options is the best way to find the best option for each client.

Offer Payday Loans

Offer Payday Loans

1) Clanck bank


  • This bank offers loans ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 900,000, that is, those who are looking for an amount of $ 20,000 will be more than welcome.
  • The deadline for return is between 6 and 60 monthly installments. It will depend on the amount requested and the payment capacity of the client
  • Rates are fixed according to currency.
  • The amortization system used is French


To be able to access this type of loan at the Clanck bank they must have a seniority:

  • 3 months for those who prove their salaries in the bank directly and work in a dependency relationship. If the salary is not credited to the bank, the minimum age is 1 year
  • Professionals who work independently must present a seniority in the current one-year profession
  • Self-employed workers or traders must have at least 2 years

Revenue should be around:

  • Minimum between $ 8,500 and $ 15,600 depending on the region where they are located and whether or not they are bank customers currently
  • Clanck bank conducts a Veraz study before granting the loan, analyzing the customer’s payment capacity
  • The installments must be paid on time, since otherwise interest will be charged

2) Adini bank

It also offers loans for those who are looking for sums around $ 20,000 or so.

  • The maximum available is for customers of $ 650,000 and for non-customers of up to $ 500,000
  • The term for its return is flexible, but the maximum available is 72 installments with fixed rate
  • They are easy and fast to obtain
  • Free end

The requirements:

  • The minimum income for Adini customers who want a loan is $ 5,500 and for non-clients it is $ 7,000
  • Work seniority is at least 6 months
  • Be less than 80 years old

Adini offers within the website the possibility of performing a simulation of the loan to obtain. This allows the interested party to know, within their conditions and needs, the type of loan they have available with amounts, interest rates, among others.

To use it, you must enter the web and complete a series of data such as:

  • Indicate whether or not you are a client, if you are retired, if you are a client and you credit your monthly salary in Adini.
  • Then you must indicate the amount you need, the term for your return and the monthly fee that you wish to pay
  • With this information you can obtain the following loan information.
  • The annual nominal rate, the effective annual, the Total Financial Cost with and sim tax and more.

3) Nation Bank Argentina

One of the options is the “Free Destination Nation”, which allows the interested party to renew the loan once 50% of the installments have been canceled, as long as he has a regular behavior.

They will be able to access people of physical existence, who have a work activity and are able to be forced in front of the bank.


  • The maximum amount available is $ 100,000
  • The term is 60 monthly installments that can be settled through the French system
  • The fees will be debited directly from an account that the interested party must have
  • The impact of income will not exceed 20% of having received monthly.

The Nation Bank Argentina has branches throughout the country, if you want to know and locate the closest to your home you can enter its website and search by province and city.