What to take on board and find cheap flight?

No matter how often you travel, you always have to think about what to bring with you and how to properly pack your luggage. For your next trip, check out the Good Finance tips list.

You should think about your hand luggage according to what you wouldn’t be able to do during the first or the first few days of travel. If it happens that the suitcase for one reason or another is not on the same plane and arrives at the destination with a short delay.

Hand luggage in good condition – pack these at least

Hand luggage in good condition - pack these at least

It is a good idea to consider hand luggage from the point of view of packing items that save the situation, even if the bag in the hold does not arrive on the same plane.

And if you have booked a really cheap flight, the price does not necessarily include just luggage.

So it’s good to take:

1. Medicines , but restrictions must be reviewed and prescription drugs included in their original packaging.

2. Change clothes , at least lingerie and if possible one wash, to get clean clothes anyway.

3. Chargers , phone, tablet and computer chargers are nowadays a must.

4. Toothbrushes and paste , although these can be purchased at the destination, may not want to hunt for commonplace on the first day.

5. It is advisable to keep valuables close and packed in your hand luggage.

6. A book, headphones and earplugs may be needed during the trip.

Of course, in addition to these, you will need to carry your passport and travel documents. Of course, it is also worth planning your travel budget carefully and possibly being prepared for surprising purchases.

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What can I take on an airplane?

What can I take on an airplane?

When packing your hand luggage, keep in mind these key limitations:

  • The maximum volume of a single liquid container is 100 ml or 1 decilitre.
  • All liquids in your hand luggage must fit in a 1 liter transparent plastic bag that can be closed. Only one bag per passenger can be carried.
  • Liquids are all liquid products, including almost liquid products. This means that, for example, lipstick and gloss, mascara, toothpaste and hair gel, as well as food, among other things. curds, cream cheese and yogurts are counted as liquids. The principle: if it can be applied, it is liquid.
  • Sharp objects must not be packed for flight, ie scissors, nail scissors, bottle opener and even nail file must be packed in a hold.
  • Medicines on board aircraft (at least prescription drugs) must be kept in their original packaging and must bear the name of the passenger.
  • The match box or cigarette lighter must be carried in your pocket. They should therefore not be packed in hand luggage or hold luggage.

It is always worthwhile to check the restrictions imposed by the destination country as well, as they may deviate from these basic provisions. For example, cigarette lighters are completely banned on US flights and the import of medicines can be restricted on a country-by-country basis.

Also, when packing different types of hobby equipment, be careful and check what is allowed on board. For example, some airlines may allow golf clubs to be carried in hand luggage.

If you are unsure about where and how to pack your luggage, you can find a search function on Finavia’s website to check the packaging instructions for individual items.

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