Take out loan without payroll


If larger purchases are planned, a loan will be needed quickly, since the money saved is usually insufficient. Many Germans often resort to credit – as long as you have a regular income, this is not a problem. But we are without income – without payroll.

As soon as there is no payroll, it will be very difficult to take out a loan. The banks need the last three pay slips to secure your credit decision. If you still want to take out a loan, it often has a hard time without payroll, but there are still some ways to get a loan. How exactly this works and what you should know about it is explained in this article.

Types of income available and you need a loan?

The basis for a positive credit decision despite missing payroll are other types of income. If you have additional income types-but no payrolls-you may be able to get a positive credit decision from banks. Additional regular incomes could include: dividends, interest income on investments, corporate interests (surpluses), rental income, daily sickness benefits or grants.

making money

You now have another form of regular income and can now secure the repayment of your loan – which is enough for most banks to insure against insolvency. Some income types are equivalent to earned income, so you can still get a loan without payroll. These types of income include, for example, the pension, the pension or retirement income. If you only receive child support or parental allowance, your credit chances look bad, because these incomes are impoverished. The situation is different for pensions or pensions, which certainly count as a regulated income.

To record personal loans

To record personal loans

A private loan can come either from the circle of acquaintances, from the family or even from a foreign private lender. Personal loan is often the easier way to get money without a regular paycheck. However, borrowing money from a foreign private lender often has to pay very high interest rates and many black sheep are also on the market. The better option would be a personal loan from a friend or maybe even from someone in the family. When you make a personal loan, you should always set up a contract. Both sides are also legally protected by this contract.

Find guarantors

An interim solution could also be a guarantor. Should you win someone from your circle of acquaintances or from your family for a guarantee – ie someone who joins you in the credit agreement next to you – you will also increase your chances of obtaining a bank loan on the regular way.

All in all, it can be said that borrowing from a reputable German bank, without regular income, is unscrupulous. Banks that offer loans : without Private credit, without salary or totz bankruptcy, Hartz4 or unemployment – does not exist in real life. No matter what you want to tell you. Keep away from it. If you do not have a regular income, you can not repay a loan. So you will not receive a positive loan commitment. If you have a regular income or a guarantor, or someone who takes out a loan with you, we recommend our credit comparison.

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