Personal Payday Loan – Now Money in 60 Minutes for Private Purposes

Repay the loan after 30 days and save money Pay only interest for the short term of 30 days. Buy money in minutes By flash transfer, the money will be transferred to your account within 60 minutes. No effect on her Bank Your loan request does not affect your Bank score!

Our personal payday loan is primarily given to private individuals for private purposes. The private loan is therefore not tied to any purpose, it is also referred to as consumer credit, which already points to the most common use: the purchase of consumer goods.

What does personal payday loan mean?

What does personal payday loan mean?

personal payday loans are loans that are issued by banks or banks to private individuals. Usually, personal payday loans are not tied to a specific purpose, unless they are variants such as car loans or dealer loans. A car loan is limited to the purchase of a new vehicle and can be provided by ordinary commercial banks and manufacturers’ banks. The dealer loan (also referred to as a financial purchase) is financed only a specific article or article of a product group.

Who awards a personal payday loan?

The usual point of contact to apply for a personal payday loan in the form of a disbursement or installment loan is your own house bank. Here, the potential borrower and lender already know each other, which simplifies some procedures. To apply for a personal payday loan, however, there are a number of formalities that delay the process of disbursement. On the other hand, the bank knows exactly what the income situation of its customer is, which can lead to a rejection of the loan application in case of doubt.

A relatively new way of lending is offered byCredit Lender. We are the first provider of short-term loans in Germany and can already refer to more than 330,000 satisfied customers. The special feature: The personal payday loan ofCredit Lender has a particularly short term of usually one month and comes to relatively small amounts of credit. This drastically reduces the lender’s risk. Another advantage is the non-binding and Bank-neutral loan request through our personal payday loan calculator.

personal payday loan at leisure

The small loans ofCredit Lender are not earmarked in principle and the payout amount can therefore be used freely. If at the end of the money again too much month is left, an important investment such as the repair of the car is pending or you just want to treat yourself to a little something,Credit Lender is the right and above all an uncomplicated contact. Through our Bank-neutral credit inquiries, we offer a significantly higher level of discretion than conventional personal payday loans, because the loan request is not even forwarded to the notorious credit agency.

Benefits ofCredit Lender’s personal payday loan

The advantages at a glance:

  • Flash payment in just 60 minutes
  • low interest rates thanks to short maturity of one to six months
  • personal payday loan even with medium credit rating
  • Free calculator for private loans

1. Free personal payday loan calculator

WithCredit Lender, they know exactly what to expect. Our calculator is at your disposal to calculate your individual personal payday loan. Simply enter the desired amount and term to get the repayment amount and interest rate. New customers have a maximum amount of 500 euros available. The term of a personal payday loan can be between one week and 30 days.

2. Bank neutrality for private loan requests

The Bank usually records every loan request received by banks. It is stored over the period of one year at the credit agency. As a result, it also influences the personal Bank score, a score with which the creditworthiness is mapped. However, this is not the case withCredit Lender, because here both the private credit and the condition inquiry are completely Bank-neutral.

3. Fast personal payday loan

WithCredit Lender, the loan amount will be added to your checking account in the shortest possible time. With our option “Express payment”, this can be done within only 60 minutes! Simply upload all the required documents by 2 pm and then verify your identity online using a videoident procedure. Lightning Bank Transfer helps you get the money you need for your personal payday loan the moment it leaves our house!

4. Fast credit through low interest rates

Due to the low maturities and the relatively small amounts, the interest on a personal payday loan at the end of the month amounts to very small amounts. For example, you apply for a loan amount of 500 euros over a period of 30 days. The interest then amounts to only 5.80 euros. The effective annual interest rate of 13.90 percent just seems a bit high, caused by the short term but unusually low interest rates for a private loan.

Improve creditworthiness with personal payday loans:

Any credit transaction that is successfully and smoothly completed improves the Bank score. Smoothly means that the loan is complete and the individual installments always punctual. Reminders should be avoided in any case. Thanks to the low credit sums thatCredit Lender uses, credit transactions and their obligations on the side of the borrower can be completed without great risk and comparatively easily, which improves the Bank score on a lasting basis.

How to get your personal payday loan

1. Determine the loan amount Select the required loan amount and the desired term using our loan calculator.
The term of your personal payday loan is between one to six months, the loan amount a maximum of 100 to 3,000 euros. Immediately the calculator will also show you the total amount to be paid including debit interest. 2. Fill in the form Enter all required data in the form to apply for your personal payday loan.
Following the binding information, which you please carefully and truthfully fill out. Following this, the credit line is determined and you have the opportunity to choose between different extras. 3. Verification Two methods are available for identity verification: Videoident and Postident. With Videoident, you can conveniently confirm your identity at home or on the move via web or mobile phone. With the Postident procedure, you simply download the corresponding coupon and confirm your identity at the nearest post office.

How much does a private loan cost me?

Suppose a repair to the car is pending, which does not allow any delay because you go to work with it every day. The repair cost 450 euros, which fall completely out of the monthly budget. In short: A personal payday loan has to come from – and as fast as possible. As the month draws to a close, there will be salary soon. A running time of 10 days is enough. These data are now entered into the loan calculator, resulting in a repayment amount of 451.74 euros. Correctly read: The credit costs you just 1.74 euros – less than a cup of coffee.

Requirements for a private loan

Requirements for a private loan

Requirements for a loan withCredit Lender:

  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Main residence in Germany
  • German bank account available
  • at least medium credit rating
  • Fixed monthly income

For the application you need the following:

  • Valid identity card or passport
  • Web or mobile camera if you would like to confirm your identity by videoident method
  • German bank account available
  • proof of income

personal payday loan without Bank

personal payday loan without Bank

If you request a loan fromCredit Lender for private purposes, you do not have to worry about this request being forwarded to the Bank in order to negatively influence your own base score. If today a “credit without Bank” or “despite Bank” is offered, this usually means only that no credit check with Bank information takes place.

However, the credit agency gets very well when inquiries are made and loans are taken. However, a credit check is the minimum that reputable credit providers should perform and will also carry out on a request for personal payday loans. This ensures solvency. For example, information about regular income in the form of payroll accounting is needed.

personal payday loan from private

In the case of private loans, loans are brokered and distributed among private individuals. Although they are quite cheap in some cases, but also bring their disadvantages. The biggest drawback becomes clear in the case of disputes, because there is a lack of consumer protection by organizations and banking ombudsman. In addition, there are no information requirements in the private sector, such as with banks or financial service providers, who must comply with clear legal regulations. AtCredit Lender, on the other hand, borrowers enjoy the same level of consumer protection as with conventional personal payday loans.

Pay personal payday loan immediately

Pay personal payday loan immediately

There can be many good reasons that require quick action and quick money. A well-known example is the repair on the car, which you usually can not do without. Maybe you just want to use a special offer, but you just do not have the right amount at hand? With personal payday loans fromCredit Lender you can take advantage of the offer and possibly save a lot of money.