Payday loans what is the purpose and the data involved

For Payday loan it is customary to indicate the data contained in the SIC (Credit Information System) which collects all the information coming from banks and other financing bodies. Clearly referring to subjects who have applied for funding. The purpose of the Payday loan database is to assess the actual reliability of a subject based on its previous financial behavior; therefore within the Payday loan system not only the so-called “bad debtors” are reported, but all those who have requested a loan are listed.

Therefore, Payday loan constitutes an updated and complete database. It is useful for banks and credit institutions to estimate the degree of reliability of a potential customer.

Payday loan and data involved

Payday loan

The Payday loan list shows the data useful for assessing the reliability of the loan applicant; every time a loan is requested, our information is communicated to the SIC. The recording of these data in the Payday loan loans database takes place during the preliminary phase, at the time the loan is disbursed and, subsequently, throughout the repayment phase, with monthly or timed updates based on the timing of the rescheduling.

You can access your personal data contained in the Payday loan at any time, simply by sending a request to the Payday loan and waiting for the reply that is generally sent within fifteen days; the cost of this operation depends on the presence or absence of data referable to the applicant within the Payday loan loan system. All data contained in the Payday loan loans database is deleted after a certain period of time. It is possible to cancel one’s positive data in advance, while for negative ones one must wait for the predetermined time. For incorrect data you can request to change the information by sending a request directly to the Payday loan center.

Payday loans : an easy way to learn more

Payday loan

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