Passive income protects your finances

Passive income can be a strange term for many. In a nutshell, it is income that you get in your account even when you are not actually working. Where can I get money without doing work, how is this possible? Read John Doe’s tips.

A passive source of income is something other than active work, but before it actually begins to make money, it does require some work.

Investing in housing, stocks or mutual funds

Investing in housing, stocks or mutual funds

Investing is one of the best and least work-intensive ways to make money while staying at home. Particularly stock investing requires little work but on the other hand a lot of information is needed.

In addition to the knowledge, there must be some initial capital to be able to invest and be profitable. Seed capital can be acquired in the form of an investment loan, unless it has otherwise accumulated or seems too slow to raise.

Investing can be a bit risky as the money market sometimes lives and changes rapidly. Therefore, it is a good idea to acquire information well before you start investing in order to become a productive passive source of income.

Investing in a home may require a little more footwork, as you need to find good homes in the right places to maintain or even increase the value of your home over time.

In practice, passive income in this case can come either from rental income or from the resale of an apartment.

Advertise on your blog or other proprietary publications

Advertise on your blog or other proprietary publications

Blogging is currently a very popular way to make money at home.

Actually, making money online couldn’t be easier than keeping a blog, if you have the skills to write and can produce a good and interesting story.

Blogging can combine active decorating across all channels and build a very solid foundation.

But how do you make money with blogging or somome? In practice, you can make money by marketing affiliate products in images and text, or by selling placements on your own.

In principle, blogging and decorating are on the brink of passive income, as there is some work to be done on publications.

Marketing your skills

Marketing your skills

Being an expert and professional in a particular field makes it easy to sell your skills and make money working from home.

Actually, you do not need to actually work, once you have gained a foothold in your field.

How To Make Money With Expertise? Providing consultancy services is one option, selling advice to companies.

The more companies you have as a customer, the easier it is to make money. You can sell your own advice on the blog, through an on-demand newsletter, through online courses, or even writing an e-book.

Producing content for others’ publications

Producing content for others

If maintaining your own blog seems like too much work to do, you can sell your own output to sites maintained by others. Working as a freelancer gives you the freedom to work from the sunshine and allows for a lot of mobility and flexibility on a basic day to day basis.

A good freelancer can dictate the amount of work and hours and do the rest of the time.

Content production requires good text production skills and often also a visual eye.

The best chance of success is with those who can deliver the entire package, images and text, ready for their customer.


Nowadays, producing an eBook can be done by just about anyone, so if the story is easy to write, writing a book is a great way to earn a passive income.

Earning books in the Finnish market is a bit more challenging because the market is small. And it is by no means easy to write a book or to have it published.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is actually about blogging, but it can be more than just marketing your own products on your own blog.

Affiliate marketing can also be done by setting up a comparison site, for example. The comparison site can sell links to companies whose products you are comparing.

When a visitor clicks on the link, the webmaster of the comparison site gets paid for the click. Extremely passive income once a website is created but also lucrative.

Patents and Licenses


Not everyone of us can do this, because a patent-worthy invention requires quite a bit of background work and inventor nature.

It is also a risk that getting a patent requires a lot of work in the beginning and it is not at all certain that its invention will be commercially viable, even if it is patented.

But if you are able to create an entirely new innovation that is patented and still commercialized, the patent is a real passive source of income. It generates money even if the patent owner does nothing.

Digital Products

Digital Products

A digital product usually costs nothing for its manufacturer and can only be made once, but can be sold multiple times or to multiple buyers.

They are mainly spiritual products, so there is no need for physical storage, which should be paid for and transported anywhere, so there is no logistical cost involved.

So what are these? How much money is paid if the products do not physically exist?

Digital products also include online courses and e-books. A digital product can be, for example, a dieting guide or workout that Personal Trainer designs and sells online to many people who are interested in exercise and healthy eating.

Passive income usually requires an initial capital, which can be a low-cost John Doe loan. Apply for a loan online when you’re ready to start your Passive Income project!

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