How does the cryptocurrency work and is there any confidence in it?

Cryptocurrency is a digital virtual currency, but how does a cryptocurrency work properly and is it a reliable investment or payment currency? There are already over 1,500 different virtual currencies

Is It Possible To Get Insurance For Your Dog?

The short answer is, of course, that you need to get dog insurance, as a dog is a man’s best friend and family member. But what kind of insurance is

Engagement Ring Selection and Buying Guide (2018)

The ring has been used as a sign of eternal love for centuries. The engagement ring today is much more than just a ring, and there are more and more

Are you low income, middle income or high income?

  There are about 3.7 million middle-class people living in Finland, or nearly 68% of Finns are middle-class (2016). The middle class income barrier is wide: According to the Good

Used Car Buying Guide

Buying a used car is usually sensible and economical, even though driving a new car has its own charm. A new car loses value relatively quickly in comparison to the

The use of cash continues to decline, with monetary matters becoming increasingly digital

The use of cash is decreasing and the Cash Only signs are almost completely gone, because no matter how small a village market or fair, almost every stall seller has

Retirement Savings – Why and When to Start Saving?

The answer to the question “when to start retirement savings” is easy: immediately, preferably yesterday or last month. The sooner you start accumulating retirement savings, the more solid the future

Make a CV that gets the money

A good CV is a summary of a jobseeker’s work experience, skills and studies into a single page. The best CV (Latin for curriculum vitae ) is clear and easy

Car Buyer’s Guide – New, Used or Leasing Car? (2018)

  Automotive is a clear part of many Finns’ lives, and therefore issues related to car purchase are carefully considered. Personal experiences, feelings and recommendations are often decisive factors when

Car Buyer’s Guide – The Checklist

When buying a car for the first time or for a long time, it’s a good idea to remember the car buyer’s checklist. The Car Buyer’s Guide contains some key