What is responsible consumption really?

All consumption has an impact on the state of the environment and all consumer choices matter. It is not necessarily a matter of haggling, but making the right and lasting

What to take on board and find cheap flight?

No matter how often you travel, you always have to think about what to bring with you and how to properly pack your luggage. For your next trip, check out

Passive income protects your finances

Passive income can be a strange term for many. In a nutshell, it is income that you get in your account even when you are not actually working. Where can

Tips and job application templates for your dream job to earn money

The ability to make a good job application is a great asset in the career market. The recruiter is likely to receive dozens, if not hundreds, of job applications for

What kind of loan is best for you?

Almost every adult in Finland has faced a situation where it has been necessary to borrow. But how do you choose the most suitable loan for you? How do you

Why is it a good idea to combine loans?

When you have loans from multiple sources, there is a greater risk of problems with repayment. The bills seem to be piling up and the various due dates and payment

Where to invest right now?

Where you invest now depends a lot on your investment motivation. In the long run, an investor can invest very differently from an investor who wants to use their money

Familiarize yourself with the loan vocabulary

The Good Finance loan glossary provides key terms in the field with explanations. The financial vocabulary for the unknown can be a jungle, where you should be able to navigate

 Why was your loan application rejected?

Nowadays, it is easy to fill out a loan application online and you can usually get an application right away. But what if the applicant is disappointed? Why is the

Borrow for a wedding – Apply for a wedding for up to € 10,000

  For many people, weddings are the most important day of life, easily prepared for over a year. The wedding day is loaded with a lot of expectations and emotion