Loan statement – where?


A loan on an account statement is one of the solutions that is an alternative to payday loans for an ID card. The application process is carried out at an equally rapid pace, and thanks to the use of a bank account confirmation of identity we can protect ourselves against fraud. What is this about? Where can we get loans for an account statement? Let’s see!

Account statement

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Therefore, no one should be surprised that most of us also have access to a bank account. After all, these products cannot function separately. We are slowly getting used to technological innovations and we are gaining more and more confidence in financial institutions, as a result of which we are eager to exchange the old sock for an account full of benefits. According to NBP data, at the end of the first half of 2018, there were about 40.3 million active products on the savings and settlement accounts market.

It can be guessed that most of us are well aware of what an account statement is. Nevertheless, it is worth recalling, because it will be the basis for analyzing the lenders offer we have chosen. We need to know that every transaction we make is saved by the bank and then delivered to us in the form of a document presenting basic information about outgoing and incoming operations. We will also find data summarizing the amount of the initial and final balance. Now that we know what a bank statement is, we can get to the heart of the matter, i.e. loan to an account.

Where to apply for an account loan?

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Below is a list of lenders that allow quick verification through the account and guarantee delivery of the loan to a bank account. Are you interested in this offer? Look at the list below and make a decision.

Loan on account statement

Many people associate bank statements with the need to go to the bank and ask them to print a document. However, it is possible to receive the statement in an electronic version, and most importantly, you do not even have to leave the house. All you have to do is log in to online banking and then commission the appropriate task. In some institutions, you can also enter the appropriate e-mail address where Pdf files with all information will appear periodically. It is worth noting that this is a free service.

All the above information leads to one conclusion. A loan for an account statement does not mean major complications or the need to arrange additional documents – just a few clicks. If we are asked by the lender to provide such a bank statement, it will not take us more than a few minutes to reach the necessary data. Ultimately, the entire application process proceeds at an equally fast pace as the loan for evidence considered one of the fastest.

Instantaneous proof and loan on account

Instantaneous proof and loan on account

A loan for an ID card is one of the proposals of loan companies enjoying great popularity among consumers. As the name suggests, the lender will not require any certificates from us except the ID document. However, such inference methods may be associated with a higher risk of fraud. Providing only a few basic details about your ID card allows criminals to easily perform extortion.

Therefore, it is better to wait even a few minutes longer for the lender’s decision and have a security guarantee than to worry about becoming the next victim of fraudsters. However, when applying for any type of commitment, we will be asked to provide a proof number. This enables efficient passage through verification and writing of the loan agreement. So if it turns out that your ID card is not valid, you can only dream about quick access to extra cash.

Loan statement

In addition, the report provided to the lender allows you to compare both the data contained in the application and assigned to the bank account, and receipts, which allows a kind of two-step authentication. In this way, the risk of fraud is reduced to the same minimum as formalities.

The development of new technologies and website security enabled the introduction of special applications not only for identity verification, but also for the initial assessment of creditworthiness. Among them we will find programs such as: Instantor, Kontomatik or KontoConnect. Some loan companies make decisions based on the information provided in the form of a report to grant financial support. In this way, lenders also allow you to take out loans without checking databases or with negative entries. In this case, you will need a good financial standing to allow you to pay your debts promptly.

Now the identity verification stage is coming. After choosing the application you will be redirected to a subpage, where you must enter the login details for your online banking. There is a lot of talk about online security. Therefore, we emphasize that the use of screen scraping technology causes applications to save only interesting information about personal data and transactions. Our password and login are fully encrypted and no one will receive access to them.

After completing the whole process we will be automatically logged out and the lender will receive a relevant report. Then, our bank account history and the data in the registers of the Credit Information Bureau, Economic Information Bureau and several others will serve as the basis for making a credit decision regarding the grant of the loan on the account statement.

Companies offering installment loans and payday loans on account

The account statement loan is provided by many lenders. They are also possible when choosing the method of microfluid verification. However, in this situation, the waiting time for a credit decision may be extended. Which companies allow you to take advantage of the account loan offer?