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With the help of the free interest calculator from your Good financial partner, you can easily calculate your optimal real estate financing . With just a few clicks and some personal information, you can easily calculate the interest . At a glance, you can see the amount of repayment as well as your monthly installment for the desired loan. The free interest calculator allows you to easily get a first overview of the upcoming expenses for your dream home . So you can calculate in advance how high the monthly load may be.  

What factors influence interest rates?  

What factors influence interest rates?  

When calculating interest, keep in mind that there are a lot of small factors that ultimately determine interest rates. However, the interest shown in the calculation is only a guide . Actual interest should always be calculated on an individual basis, as it depends, among other things, on the current situation on the financial market. The market interest rate for real estate loans is based on the yields for long-term bonds and Pfandbriefe. In addition, certain characteristics of the borrower, the property and the loan have an impact on the interest rate.  


  • Postal code of the object

The location of the property can have an impact on the interest rate, as some regional banks only grant mortgage lending to a specific region. The interest rates may therefore differ from region to region.  

  • Real estate Terms

The use of the property has an impact on the interest rate, as the banks assume a higher risk of default in the event of a third party use , as an investment. In the case of planned use by third parties, higher interest rates are often incurred.  

  • Amount of the loan

The higher your mortgage lending amount, the cheaper the offered interest rate. In addition, the amount of your loan has an influence on the selection of bids. Some banks only grant a loan from a certain minimum amount. If the loan is lower than this sum, the banks concerned may apply interest surcharges.  

  • equity

The more equity you can contribute to your construction loan, the lower the interest rate will end up falling. Feel free to ask your Goodfinancial partner for optimal equity investment. Only your personal adviser on site can individually check, whether z. B. by the inclusion of subordinated funds through promotional institutions, we KfW or investment bank SH another interest subsidy is possible.  

  • fixed interest rate

In times of low interest rates, it is usually advisable to have as long a term as possible. From a long debit interest, one speaks from 15 years upwards. This fixed rate offers you planning certainty, because you know the amount of the monthly installment of your mortgage and secure a low interest rate for years.  

A short nominal fixed interest rate is usually between 5 and 10 years and offers the chance that the construction interest after the fixed interest rate may be decreased. Another advantage is that the borrowing rate will be lower for a short term.   

  • repayment amount

High repayment rates can lower the financing costs. Your advantage: Many banks forgive with a high repayment rate better interest rates in addition, the resulting debt can pay off faster by a higher repayment rate.  

How can interest be calculated using the interest calculator?  

How can interest be calculated using the interest calculator?  

In just a few steps, the interest accrued on your property . In order to calculate the accrued interest, it is necessary to give some key figures:  

  • funding base  
  • property type  
  • Real estate Terms  
  • Postcode of the object  
  • purchase price
  • Cost of modernization
  • equity
  • Postcode of the current place of residence
  • repayment
  • target rate fixation  

After entering all required data, the interest calculator calculates the tied debit interest, the annual percentage rate and the monthly installment. In addition, you will learn the loan amount, the incidental costs incurred and the resulting residual debt after expiry of the fixed interest period.  

Your loan amount consists of:  

Your loan amount consists of:  

Purchase price + costs of modernization + additional costs * – Equity  

* (Land transfer tax, notary fees and land registration fees, brokerage fees)  

If you are now wondering how much budget you can actually spend on real estate financing or if buying a property is really the right decision for you, then do not hesitate to take a look at our site! Here you will find other important financing calculators for mortgage lending.