How to apply for a loan without a bank code (3 minutes)

The mobile certificate works with the SIM card of your mobile phone and allows you to identify yourself, for example, to the authorities’ online services or apply for a loan.

A mobile certificate can replace the traditional online banking login and authentication for different services.

For example, you can apply for a loan without your bank ID. Here’s a guide to deploying a mobile certificate!

To top – what is a mobile certificate?


A mobile certificate is an electronic identity card or electronic signature that eliminates the need for online banking IDs.

Making your phone and online easier with a mobile certificate, makes it easy and secure to verify your identity. The phone’s SIM card has slowly become a sure-fire way to sign up to hundreds of electronic services.

How do I enable a mobile certificate?

How do I enable a mobile certificate?

On new phones, nowadays almost all phones, the ID is included with the SIM card. The ID-SIM card comes with a mobile certificate ready and easy to deploy at any time. You can also replace your old SIM card with a new ID SIM card at your local operator.

The mobile certificate is easy to implement: registration can be done on your operator’s website or in the store. It allows the user to get rid of the separate username-password pairs that are normally required for different services.

A valid ID must accompany your activation at the store. Some service providers do not accept driving licenses as proof of identity, so it is best to include a passport or ID card. Online activation requires online banking codes.

A mobile certificate may also be issued to persons under 18 years of age. However, a person under the age of 18 will usually have to have the parent’s or guardian’s consent to activate the mobile certificate, and in this case, the activation will be done in motion.

Jone Diss Mobile Certifiate

You will need Jone Diss’s subscription or Jone Diss’s corporate subscription and, of course, your phone and online banking credentials before you can start using the Jone Diss Mobile Certificate.

Next, the phone number associated with the mobile certificate is entered into the service so that the service provider can check if Jone Diss’s mobile certificate can be registered for the subscription. It is a good idea to keep your phone handy as a one-time password will be sent from the service upon verification.

After that, the service will be authenticated with your online banking IDs, after which you will receive the terms and conditions of use. After the terms and conditions of the contract, fill in the contact information and select the key number.

Jone Diss’s Mobile Certificate is valid for 5 years, but you can terminate it at any time. You can check Jone Diss’s service fees for the mobile certificate on the service pages.

Children under the age of 18 need the permission of a parent or guardian and identification must be done at Jone Diss’s shop.

Jessica Mobile Certificate

Jessica Mobile Certificate

Jessica Mobile Certification requires that the applicant be at least 15 years old. The minor must first identify himself in Jessica’s shop.

In other cases, the mobile certificate may be activated at Activation can be done for both consumer and business subscriptions. However, first check if your SIM card has an eID.

When activating a mobile certificate online, authentication requires online banking IDs. When a mobile certificate is enabled, online banking IDs are no longer needed, but authentication is done by a phone number and a personal identification number.

The Jessica Mobile Certificate price list can be consulted at the service’s website or store.

ABC Mobile Certificate

You can also obtain a ABC Mobile Certificate either by visiting the service provider’s store or on its website. You can apply for a ABC Mobile Certificate if you have a ABC Mobile Phone subscription.

First authentication is done with online banking codes. After authentication, two passwords are created: one for authentication and one for electronic signature.

These passwords are 4- to 8-digit codes that you can create yourself. They can be the same or different numbers. Of course, it is safer if the numbers are not identical. ABC recommends a minimum of 6 digits.

Check the ABC Mobile Certificate price list on the service’s website. It is noteworthy that it is not possible to attach a mobile certificate to prepaid subscriptions.

Here’s how to apply for a loan with a mobile certificate

Jessica Mobile Certificatemoneymoney

Once you have activated your mobile operator’s mobile certificate, you can access hundreds, even thousands, of services without a bank ID.

You can also apply for a loan without a bank ID from the Gellert Loan Service and use your mobile certificate to authenticate to our service.

You can also use our Good Finance service with a mobile certificate when you are a customer.

Using a mobile certificate is easy and above all safe. There is no need to carry online banking codes, so they are not at risk of drowning or falling into the wrong hands.

You can also set an anti-tamper code to prevent your phone from sending authentication requests without the code.

Here’s how to apply for a loan on your phone using a mobile certificate after you have selected John Dean.

  1. Go to fill out the application
  2. Select Mobile certificate to authenticate to our service
  3. Enter your phone number on the login page
  4. Accept the authentication request
  5. Enter your own passcode
  6. You have signed up for the service

Now you can complete the actual loan application, which only takes a few moments to complete.

If you chose Good Finance, you can continue to draw down your loan without a bank account by signing up for Good Finance with a mobile certificate.

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