How much does a hobby cost?


The fall will return to everyday life after the summer craze, which also means it’s time to continue your hobbies or start a few new ones.

Hobby can be very affordable if you choose a sport that does not require special equipment. But you can also spend a long penny on your hobbies. John Dean compared the prices of the most popular sports for a few days.

When a new hobby is found or you need equipment to continue your old hobby, John Dean Flex Credit can be used as if you were using your credit card. You can always withdraw the amount corresponding to your costs directly into your account.

Running – just running sneakers, a pair of shirts and sneakers

Running - just running sneakers, a pair of shirts and sneakers

Running is a popular sport and joggers are very popular nowadays. Running is an easy sport that requires only determination, a pair of running shoes and outdoor clothing to get started. If you do not care about equipment, you will hardly need anything else to do this sport at a later stage.

Most enthusiasts, however, become overwhelmed with racing equipment as the sport has become longer than the sport. The sports watch measures your heart rate, time, distance and watches your exercise program. The app, downloaded to your phone, reminds you of loops and tells you goals and rhythm intervals during your travels.


  • running shoes 100 – 400 €
  • outdoor clothing 100 € upwards (brand clothing costs a lot, but many chains have their own, cheaper brands)
  • sports watch 100 € up (price depends a lot on what features the watch requires)

Hockey – Large Equipment Bag, High Cost

Hockey - Large Equipment Bag, High Cost

Ice hockey is probably the most expensive end of your hobby, as you have to buy a lot of equipment and also have to replace it. In addition to these costs, there are the costs of running the club and playing games.

Average estimates of costs accrued during the year are close to € 3000.


  • Average seasonal fee € 500 (up to € 1500)
  • Accessories up to $ 1000 (but you can save by buying used or cheap brands)

Golf – the dream of a gear carrier

Golf - the dream of a gear carrier

Golf is a trendy sport that has become a favorite sport for Finns. It also takes the enthusiast quickly with him and the most passionate spend all his spring and summer days on the green. Golf is considered an expensive sport because it combines the idea of ​​racing and being part of an expensive Golf Club.

Also, given the limited time of the golf season, it can appear to be a relatively expensive sport. The Golf Association estimates that a beginner enthusiast will spend between 400 and 600 € per year and an active enthusiast between 700 and 1000 € per year.

Golf enthusiast expenses:

  • Basic course and green card about 200 euros
  • Equipment at the lowest price around 300 euros (can also be rented)

Cycling – an opportunity to save but also to invest

Cycling - an opportunity to save but also to invest

Road biking has become a popular sport for both cyclists and triathletes. It is possible to cycle long cycles in beautiful spring or summer weather and enjoy the outdoors for up to several hours. For some reason, middle-aged men in particular have found a cycling pleasure.

A bike enthusiast can also invest in equipment purchases and thus be very effective in tracking his or her fitness. Many people are also fascinated by trips abroad, where you can experience what it is like to be a cyclist as a top athlete in rugged terrain.


  • bike with accessories 800 – 8000 € (depends entirely on brand and equipment level, much cheaper when used)
  • cycling clothing 200 – 600 € (depends on brand)
  • cycling shoes 50 – 400 €

Gym - Choose the gym that suits your financial situation

Gym hobbies are a lifelong favorite and today there are lots to choose from. Several chains have landed in Finland, offering gym services in all price and service categories. Nowadays, a gym enthusiast can visit the gym up to 24/7, meaning the gym is open to members at any time.

The hobbyist can choose whether to go only to group exercise classes, to the gym only, according to the personal trainer, or to exercise only the gym equipment. And the payment is based on the service selected.

According to the Good Finance, comparing halls can save hundreds of euros.

Gym Costs:

  • Monthly membership about 19.90 – 72 €
  • Training clothes around 50 – 150 € (depends on whether you prefer brand clothes)
  • Training shoes 40 – 250 €