Housing loan,the zero rate loan

Attention, this loan has been replaced by the housing loan which ended in 2016.

It is proposed by all banks signatories of an agreement with the department, which takes care of the interests.

The characteristics of 92 Home Loan

The characteristics of 92 Home Loan

This is a supplementary credit to the main loan. It can be cumulated with all the accession aid proposed by the public authorities.

Financing for what type of property?

Financing for what type of property?

The accommodation acquired must be located in the department and serve as the main residence, no later than twelve months following the acquisition. If the property is occupied, you will then have to prove to the bank that it will be released within one year.

It does not matter whether it is new or old, with or without work. On the other hand, be aware that no permission to change the assignment is allowed.

Clearly, it will not be possible for you to later transform your apartment or your house into a business premises or even to live there only occasionally as a second home.

Access conditions

Access conditions

Eligible households

Can benefit from housing loan 92, in first-time accession, that is to say not having been owner during the last two years and being in one of the following situations:

  • Tenant of a private landlord with at least one dependent child (or unborn child)
  • Tenant recognized by the MDPH for a disability
  • Tenant of a social housing. In the latter case, it is not necessary to have dependent children.

Revenue condition

The following table shows the loan amount 92 that can be claimed based on the number of people living in the dwelling. Be aware that the ceiling of resources being more important than for the loan with zero rate of the State, it is possible in certain cases to obtain a loan housing 92 without obtaining a of the State.

Attention : for 2011, you must take into consideration the reference tax income of N-2, that is to say 2009.

Namely : there is no resource requirement for borrowers who are in one of the following situations:

  • Holders of a disability card who can not perform any professional activity.
  • Beneficiaries either of a Disability Adult allowance or of Special Education.
  • Households having suffered a disaster following a natural disaster

At what amount to claim?

At what amount to claim?

Namely : only one home loan 92 per household can be issued.

The repayment is made over a period of 15 years, which can sometimes lead the borrower to exceed the maximum debt ratio. This situation occurs when the financing requires several loans of unequal duration. The solution is then to smooth out the various mortgage loans.

In case of resale of the property before the term, you must repay in full the outstanding capital.
Important to know: new provisions will come into effect from 1 October 2011 to adapt the housing loan 92 to the new provisions of the strengthened .

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