Financial intelligence test

Tell me how you handle your money and I will tell you how your personal finances are. If you don’t know (or you didn’t want to know!) Answer this financial intelligence test.

A financial check up every so often

A financial check up every so often

And you definitely have to do a financial check up every so often, just like you do with your health. Preferably when your finances are at the best time, although the idea is to be preventive. That is, that you can see what you are doing wrong and fix it before it is serious, you can also put letters in the matter if you have a financial relax, Sofía Macías says, author of the book Small Pig Capitalist.

Check out these simple questions, which the credit repair company generated Solve Your Debt, and answer them with all honesty to learn a little more about how you are doing on the financial issue and can take action on the matter.

a) Do you make a monthly, fortnightly or periodic budget?

a) Do you make a monthly, fortnightly or periodic budget?

According to the National Survey of Financial Inclusion, more than 80 percent of Mexicans do not prepare a budget and do not have it means drifting and jeopardizing their portfolio and even their quality of life.

b) Do you have an emergency fund?

The latest National Survey of Financial Inclusion revealed that in our country 45 million people do not save. Only 36 percent of adults claim to have at least one formal savings product and, within informal savings, the most commonly used mechanisms are home savings and the use of batches.

c) Are you currently investing in any instrument?


If you want to invest your money, we recommend you approach an expert and choose the financial product that suits your possibilities and goals.

d) Do you know your rating before credit bureau?

This information is your cover letter to any financial institution. The result directly impacts how reliable you are to be a credit subject. Keeping it in positive grades increases your chances of getting credits in the Mexican financial system.

e) Are you up to date with your debt payments?

This is one of the most important points and to which you should pay special attention, since it is the only one that takes away money and does not let you sleep. Acquiring debts is not bad as long as you are punctual in your payments, otherwise you risk falling into a problem of over-indebtedness.

You must ask yourself these questions as many times as you think necessary and even achieve good personal financial planning. If more than four of your answers were “No,” consider approaching an expert for advice.

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