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Mortgage apartment insurance: the cost of home insurance

Since the property is purchased on mortgage on bail, i.e. until the apartment is pledged from the bank until the loan contract is fully repaid, the bank requires that the

Property as investment: These tips you must know

The low interest rates on bank deposits are driving more and more people to embark on a search for other forms of investment. As a result, there is an increase

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TBSZ (Long-Term Investment Account) is a fixed-term savings program through which you can make tax benefits, choose from a variety of investment opportunities and maximize your return expectations for our

A mortgage broker like no other

Good Finance, a mortgage broker in Paris specializes in real estate loans, loan insurance and credit redemption. With 18 years of experience on the French market, Good Finance revolutionizes the

Card reissue via Good Finance Online

Often, re-issuance of the card is necessary when the expiration expires, it is missing or stolen by other persons. Also change the card when the owner decided to change their

Finance your business:

Since the international financial crisis of 2008, banks have become more cautious with companies and have strict regulatory constraints, so that credit activity is down . The overall annual volume

“Credit Broker: Promises to Action”

Nearly 30% of housing loans are now granted through brokers. A recently regulated profession that bridges the gap between banks and the borrower. But what exactly is their contribution? Our

Land pledge creates jobs – loan with mortgage

In 2017, the share of real estate in total private wealth is 44%. The total lending of private real estate assets with mortgages has been steadily decreasing and amounts to

Cancellation of Personal Payday: See in which situations it is possible to request

  Due to low interest rates and flexible payment periods, INSS public servants, retirees and pensioners are increasingly attracted to request a Personal Payday loan . However, there are clients

See which groups are or are not eligible

Both the loan and the consigned card are products targeted only to Social Security beneficiaries. That is, they are people who have a fixed lifetime income . This is an