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Does My Wife’s Credit Rating Prevent Me From Taking Credit?

You may need an urgent loan or intend to apply for a credit card. However, your partner’s credit rating may be quite low, and in such cases, you may think

Loan to fix the house

Loan to fix the house. Days, months, years and arrangements always go by. Money is urgently needed, but your house also needs those changes now! Ask for an advance and

What are the types of life insurance

In Mexico there are different types of life insurance that allow you to be protected depending on the moment of life you are going through. According to figures from the

Financing mechanisms if I want to buy a house

Having a home is a universal goal. Here are some financing mechanisms for when you say: yes, I want to buy a house! They say that mortgage loans are the

Free finance courses

Financial education is not acquired in a classroom, it is necessary to be self-taught, we present some free finance courses. And it is definitely a myth that is said that

How to manage your personal finances

Managing money can become a complicated task, but we give you some tips on how to manage your personal finances. And it is that money can go as easy as

Avoid credit and debit card fraud

It is important to be attentive to avoid fraud in credit and debit cards, since a minute of distraction is enough for your date to be in the wrong hands.

Financial intelligence test

Tell me how you handle your money and I will tell you how your personal finances are. If you don’t know (or you didn’t want to know!) Answer this financial

Expert on rental investment

What is the rental investment? The rental investment can take different types of operations: Purchase of a residence house or apartment to rent to individuals Buying a commercial space to

Most popular investments in Germany

One of the headlines last week was the announcement of the decision of the European Central Bank (ECB) to lower its key interest rate from the previous 0.25% to a