Car Buyer’s Guide – The Checklist

When buying a car for the first time or for a long time, it’s a good idea to remember the car buyer’s checklist. The Car Buyer’s Guide contains some key things to keep in mind for the car buyer. For many, the first car is the first step into adulthood. It is the cardholder who will finally be able to spend his own expenses and the world will open up to new dimensions.

Many times, a parent and a child have a completely different view of what this first go-to game should be. So it’s a good idea to read the guide for a car buyer before going to the shops, too.

Car Buyer’s Checklist

Car Buyer

Buying a car is not cheap and not always easy. In addition to the purchase price of the car itself, money is spent on various paperwork and maintenance.

Easier to get your car started when financing is ready and there is a consumer credit in your back pocket to help pay off your down payment.

In addition to seed capital, the following points should be considered:

1. Needs Assessment

Which car should I buy? The young driver’s first car is a small and inexpensive but safe option.

Short journeys do not require a heavy machine and a heavy car, which would increase the consumption of gasoline and at the same time the cost of the car.

For long journeys, for example, if you are traveling tens of kilometers or traveling for work, it is good to choose a quiet, efficient and durable car.

When choosing a car size, keep in mind what the car is supposed to carry. You don’t need a station wagon model just for shopping bags.

2. Purchase or replacement of a new car

The new car bonus comes with a warranty and the ability to customize the car’s features. A new car cannot be crashed and faults are less frequent. The downside, of course, is the price.

It is worth considering carefully whether a new car is worth the money or whether it is a used car or a little used car.

The advantages of a used car are its low price, ready-made equipment, maintenance and inspections. A good service book is a selling point and it is always worth checking it out well.

3. Car financing

There are many ways to finance a car. At least some can save or finance with consumer credit. However, most car dealerships are created through a car loan, which allows you to pay off the car purchase price.

It is better to choose a car loan according to your own ability to pay than dictated by your mood. It can take several years to pay for an expensive car and it may be time to replace the car before the entire loan is even paid off.

4. Remember the test drive

Whether you buy a used or new car, always remember to test drive. A great looking car can be an uncomfortable or awkward driving experience. For example, a small person may not be able to see properly from a large car or a tall person may not fit comfortably behind the wheel.

The car used during the test drive makes it easier to spot the rattles and knocks, if any. You can also test the condition of the brakes and the functionality of the gears.

5. Perform a health check – if the car is used

It is a good idea to check the service book and make sure that the markings look correct. Especially when you buy a used car from a private dealer. A cursory check is in place before the stores are locked inside and out.

Roughness in the paint may indicate a crash, which can affect the car’s durability and safety. An official car service inspection may be in place.

6. Compare brands when it comes to buying a new car

The most expensive is not always the best. The same reasoning could be used as in the needs assessment, ie on what basis is the car purchased? Need or do you think?

An expensive brand is a nice status symbol, but it’s worth comparing what the car’s price is actually based on. If the price brings with it much more of the features you need, you should invest.

7. Car insurance

This is not to be overlooked: in Finland cars must have motor third party liability insurance. Many combine auto insurance with existing insurance, and at least centralization is usually worthwhile.

If you do not already have existing insurance policies, compete and compare insurance prices and coverage.

Car registration

Car registration

As incredible as it is, sometimes this is forgotten. The buyer must register the car in his name as soon as possible after the sale. If the car is purchased from a dealership, the dealership will register on behalf of the buyer.

When buying a car from a private dealer, check that the car for sale is registered in the seller’s name.

Book time to buy a car


Buying a car is best done with time. It’s a good idea to keep a checklist in mind and spend time comparing different makes of different brands. List your needs and priorities for procurement and make a budget.

You will probably be able to pay for your car in installments if you buy it at a car dealership, so calculate how much you can pay for your car loan per month.

A good car is a reliable partner for many years to come, so consider other costs as well: servicing, tire replacements, and roadworthiness tests bring along annual expenses along with the loan.

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