Borrow for a wedding – Apply for a wedding for up to € 10,000


For many people, weddings are the most important day of life, easily prepared for over a year. The wedding day is loaded with a lot of expectations and emotion and plans. But there is another side to the wedding day: the wedding of dreams swallows up a bunch of money.

In good time, when your wedding day is over, it’s time to plan your wedding budget and calculate all possible expenses. You have to calculate where to save and how much loan to take for the wedding. Indeed, many pay part of the cost with loan money.

A good budget can withstand surprising expenses

A good budget can withstand surprising expenses

No matter how comprehensive the budget may seem and all the pitfalls have been considered, there are certainly surprises that are not prepared for and that the budget has to be flexible. However, there are also sites on the web that you can register for and get help with planning your wedding.

But despite the planning, a few forgotten extra guests will immediately add several hundred euros to the food budget. Missed purchases have to be replaced with new ones, while the budget is stretching. And of course, the bigger “accidents” (the catering service is canceled, the party venue is double-dressed, the party dress needs to be repaired) require fast movements and more investment.

A good wedding budget will take some elasticity and it is advisable to borrow a wedding with the feeling that it is flexible. When thinking about what kind of loan is best suited to running costs, the answer lies in flexible loans.

It is good to have a loan that can be withdrawn with the expenses. In such a situation, it may not be worthwhile to take a lump sum, which may be unnecessarily large or, on the other hand, may not cover all the expenses and may require additional borrowing.

The budget can be tuned with ingenuity


Weddings won’t come cheap, it’s a must-see, at least if you organize a traditional party with entertainment and entertainment. Sure, it pays off with some gimmicky costs.

For example, if you do not necessarily want to have a summer wedding, it is good to know that during the winter season many venues do not charge rent for their premises and that the wedding couple can survive only at the cost of the entertainment. Or at least the space rental is not in seasonal rates. In any case, you can try to talk about prices.

In terms of serving, a buffet is usually a cheaper (and easier) option than a dinner served on the tables. Although not as festive. A wedding cake is by no means a must and can be replaced with muffin trays or a candy buffet. Or some other ingenious solution.

Make the wedding invitations

A clever bride or groom will make the wedding invitations themselves and save you a long penny. Similarly, decorations are flexed at the fingertips and, at the same time, their budget is kept in check. Wildflowers, at least at summer weddings, work well as decoration and bouquets.

Music rarely fits. In traditional weddings, of course, decent live music is a much more fun option than a playlist on a tablet or computer.

There are plenty of tips for cheap solutions and inventive ways to save money!

You can try to negotiate the installment payment as much as possible, spreading the cost over several months. Borrowers can easily divide payments by month, as most loans are flexible and payable in installments.

Before taking a loan, of course, it is worthwhile to calculate the amount of loan you will need and the possible cost of the loan. The loan calculator helps you calculate the share of the cost of the loan.