Is it possible to ask for quick payday loan if I owe money?

In turn, also to access or not to express credit will depend on the financial institution to which you request it, as well as the sum of money and the reason for the loan.

Can I access a payday loan if I am in Financial Credit Institutions?

Can I access a loan if I am in Financial Credit Institutions?

Being in Financial Credit Institutions is not always a limitation to apply for a payday loan. Many times the application for them is usually to pay off those previous debts, but what you need is really to find a financial advisor or go to the bank you prefer and the promoters can guide you with respect to this.

In case your bank refuses access to express credit because you are with Financial Credit Institutions, you can access express credit entities online.

To do this, you must make sure that this financial institution is trusted. A great advantage is that you can obtain this type of credit without excessive paperwork, since the purpose of these banks is to help in times of difficulty.

Requesting an express credit will allow you to obtain liquidity without explaining why you make the loan application and why, in addition to the option to dispose of the money in 24 hours.

Steps to request a payday loan with Financial Credit Institutions

Steps to request a loan with Financial Credit Institutions

  • Search and compare

Not all online credit institutions give loans being in this type of listings. Find out about those that do grant it to go directly to them and avoid wasting time.

When you have made this first screen, it will be as simple as checking the conditions of the entities that do give these credits to see which one best suits your needs.

  • fill the form

All online credit institutions have the advantage over conventional entities that requesting a loan is somewhat faster than just requiring paperwork. It is a process that you can do in a matter of 10-15 minutes, from home and even with a mobile.

  • You will have the answer as soon as possible

In just 10-15 minutes (depending on the entity) you will have the answer to your request, something that in no case happens in conventional bank loans. In this way, you can have the liquidity you are looking for on the same day. Although it will depend on the entity, in no more than 24 hours you will have the answer to your request.

Entities that provide money with Financial Credit Institutions

Entities that provide money with Financial Credit Institutions

  • Hypocredit

For example, through the online credit institution you can get up to an amount that goes up to € 1000 and with a return period of 30 days. In the case that it is the first loan, it can be up to 300, and in just 15 minutes, after filling out the application, you will have it in your bank account if your request is accepted.

As for the requirements, say that they are not very high. It can be ordered without payroll, without endorsement and being in Financial Credit Institutions.

  • Money Now

Another online credit entity that offers great advantages is Money Now. Through it, you can get nothing less than up to € 5,000, an amount that you can return within a maximum period of 36 months. It is an ideal option for those people who have money urgency since they will get an answer in only 10 minutes.

It is a type of credit that you can get without payroll and without endorsement, they quickly study your case and make you personalized offers, they also accept Financial Credit Institutions.

  • Bycredit

Viaconto is another of the entities that accept credit applications while with Financial Credit Institutions. With them, you can get up to € 600 in 30 days and get the first loan up to € 300 in just 10 minutes.

All without income and without endorsement. They also accept people who are listed as RAI and Financial Credit Institutions, as long as the debt contracted does not exceed € 1,000.

  • Crediter

Crediter is a fast credit institution that accepts credit applications even if they are in default files. In this case, you can get up to € 750 in 30 days, and even get to access 1,000 euros, all in just 15 minutes.

Without payroll, without endorsement and with Financial Credit Institutions. If you find yourself in this situation and need liquidity, bet on requesting your money through Crediter!

As you can see, you can ask for an express credit while being in default files like Financial Credit Institutions, and doing it is simple and fast. You will have the money you need without complications.

Loan Without Credit

Creditworthiness always plays a crucial role in borrowing. Many banks have relied on proven funds for decades to assess the creditworthiness of potential borrowers. Of particular importance is the Schufa, the general loan protection organization, which collects all the data that could be important for lending.

However, creditworthiness is also influenced by other factors, such as income. The income provides a huge security for the banks and guarantees a continuous repayment. To avoid a loan default, a permanent employment is absolutely necessary. Having credit granted without credit is not always easy, despite the high number of providers. Not all banks issue credit to people with insufficient creditworthiness. Finding a loan without creditworthiness is not necessarily easy due to the limited choice, but to be able to secure good conditions, should you resort to a comparison on the Internet.

Important criteria for a loan without credit

Without creditworthiness you should not be granted a loan at any bank. A regular, steady income is always a prerequisite. The income can result from both a gainful employment and a social income (unemployment benefit 1 and 2). Even persons without work can in principle claim a loan. However, it is important to assess your own financial situation and adjust the repayment to your own requirements. If you have only a very low credit rating, you should definitely select a long term to keep the monthly burden as low as possible. By choosing a long term, the installments spread over a longer period of time, so that the liquidity burden can be reduced enormously.

In addition, however, the credit default risk can also be significantly reduced. However, a long term is always associated with higher borrowing costs. This can be attributed above all to the conception of many credit products. Many banks today only offer credit products based on installment repayments. Although these loan products are often cheaper than credit products with annuity or residual debt repayment, the interest expenses are determined from the residual debt. As a result of the slow decrease in the residual debt, the credit costs are higher as well.

Find cheap credit without credit

Find cheap credit without credit

If you have no creditworthiness, you often have to expect very high interest rates. For this reason, it is particularly important to make a comparison. A comparison of loans without credit can be realized today on the Internet, on numerous financial portals with the help of a loan calculator. The comparison with a loan calculator proves to be particularly true, since individual details can be taken into account here.

Influence of equity in the payday loan

As part of a home loan financing usually larger sums flow, so mostly loans with a fairly long term come about. However, a certain amount of equity is usually required here as well.

Cover incidental expenses using equity

Banks usually make sure that ancillary costs are covered by equity.

Basically, the equity capital can not be high enough for mortgage lending. However, at least a certain minimum should be present. For example, banks usually make sure that at least the ancillary costs, such as the land transfer tax for the property, can be paid by the buyer.

In addition, it is advisable to schedule certain reserves in good time before the construction of the house, since in such a project, even unpredictable tasks are often assigned to the clients. If it is a property that is used by itself, then offers a buffer of several thousand euros. As a rule, one assumes here about three net monthly salaries. For example, it is easily possible to handle sudden repairs, back payments and the like.

If the property is rented, any repairs and rent losses of a few months should be taken into account here, so that they are affordable from regular income. Otherwise, it can happen quite quickly that you get into financial difficulties.

Tip: In the case of real estate financing, an equity stake of 20 to 30 percent is usually advised. With a corresponding sum one is thus usually on the “safe side”.

Interest savings

The interest rate for which the banks a credit awarded depends on the risk that the bank received. The following applies: the less equity the builder brings, the higher the risk, which in turn increases the interest rate.

Attention: What is not familiar to every client is the fact that their own credit rating also affects the level of interest rates : with a good credit rating, the interest rate is lower, but higher with a bad credit rating. Accordingly, it is advisable to always pay attention to a good credit rating.

Good calculation

Good calculation

Pay attention to the interest and save.

When taking out a construction loan, it is also advisable to calculate well from the beginning. Because, for example, due to unexpected, very high craftsman bills, a second loan needed, this is often not only a very difficult task, but it must be expected here usually synonymous with higher interest rates.

Furthermore, when using low equity it is advisable to pay attention to a higher repayment. In this way, the residual debt, with a follow-up financing, lower, which the borrower in any interest rate increase in any case benefits.

If the construction loan is taken out during a low interest rate phase, it is advisable to agree a very long fixed-interest period with the bank. Usual are here about ten to 15 years. In this way, you will benefit for a fairly long time from the fixed, low interest rates. Increases the general interest level, that does not matter for the borrower: Decisive for the duration of the loan term, the interest rate in the loan agreement has been agreed. So a lot can be saved.

Equity – What is it?

Not only cash counts for equity, but also various investments.

Banks do not consider cash as equity alone. For example, the banks also count own contributions of up to 15 percent on equity. Among the popular contributions include wallpapering or the installation of doors.

However, more difficult activities that lack the necessary expertise should be carried out by a specialist. In addition, it may also be the case here that the bank rejects its own services in such cases.

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Furthermore, one usually benefits from a certain guarantee when placing an order with a craftsman. In addition, should something not turn out to be your own satisfaction, it is usually always possible to take the craftsman for it in recourse.

But also endowment policies, home savings contracts and other investments are equity.

By minimizing the risk of default for banks by injecting equity, borrowers usually benefit from lower interest rates. Accordingly, from this point of view, it is also worth investing equity capital in mortgage lending.

Real estate financing at 110 percent

A real estate loan that is 110 per cent financed is a loan without equity.

If, for example, a property is bought with the help of a 110 percent financing, the bank not only finances the purchase price here, but also the ancillary costs incurred. This means that the borrower does not raise equity here.

However, there are a number of hurdles to overcome for such financing : for example, the banks here pay close attention to excellent credit ratings and excellent Private credit information. Likewise, a secure, steady and accordingly high income must exist.

In addition, the banks here make sure that the desired property is not only in a good location, but also in good condition.

Likewise, in the case of home equity financing without equity, usually higher interest rates are charged, which also means that a higher monthly installment must be paid.

Usually, a 110 percent financing, especially for people with an invested assets, which in turn provides a higher return than the interest on the loan. But even for young borrowers with a high income, who are not in any difficulty with high repayment rates, such funding is a good option. The same applies to officials who are in senior positions and thus receive a correspondingly high income.

So before considering a 110 percent financing, you should be aware of the costs involved.


For mortgage lending, the more equity there is, the better. So it is possible in various ways to save a lot. For example, borrowers receive lower interest rates. Usually, however, at least the additional costs should be paid by equity.

However, it is generally the case that banks recommend at least an equity ratio of around 20 to 30 percent. However, not only cash is considered as equity, but also building society savings contracts, endowment life insurance policies and similar investments.

As part of a real estate financing some banks also give so-called 110 percent financing. This is financing without equity, but for which special conditions must be met. This includes, for example, a very good credit rating. However, as no equity is contributed, higher interest rates are incurred. The influence of equity in mortgage lending is very high, so it is best to save in advance in advance a certain amount.

Take out loan without payroll


If larger purchases are planned, a loan will be needed quickly, since the money saved is usually insufficient. Many Germans often resort to credit – as long as you have a regular income, this is not a problem. But we are without income – without payroll.

As soon as there is no payroll, it will be very difficult to take out a loan. The banks need the last three pay slips to secure your credit decision. If you still want to take out a loan, it often has a hard time without payroll, but there are still some ways to get a loan. How exactly this works and what you should know about it is explained in this article.

Types of income available and you need a loan?

The basis for a positive credit decision despite missing payroll are other types of income. If you have additional income types-but no payrolls-you may be able to get a positive credit decision from banks. Additional regular incomes could include: dividends, interest income on investments, corporate interests (surpluses), rental income, daily sickness benefits or grants.

making money

You now have another form of regular income and can now secure the repayment of your loan – which is enough for most banks to insure against insolvency. Some income types are equivalent to earned income, so you can still get a loan without payroll. These types of income include, for example, the pension, the pension or retirement income. If you only receive child support or parental allowance, your credit chances look bad, because these incomes are impoverished. The situation is different for pensions or pensions, which certainly count as a regulated income.

To record personal loans

To record personal loans

A private loan can come either from the circle of acquaintances, from the family or even from a foreign private lender. Personal loan is often the easier way to get money without a regular paycheck. However, borrowing money from a foreign private lender often has to pay very high interest rates and many black sheep are also on the market. The better option would be a personal loan from a friend or maybe even from someone in the family. When you make a personal loan, you should always set up a contract. Both sides are also legally protected by this contract.

Find guarantors

An interim solution could also be a guarantor. Should you win someone from your circle of acquaintances or from your family for a guarantee – ie someone who joins you in the credit agreement next to you – you will also increase your chances of obtaining a bank loan on the regular way.

All in all, it can be said that borrowing from a reputable German bank, without regular income, is unscrupulous. Banks that offer loans : without Private credit, without salary or totz bankruptcy, Hartz4 or unemployment – does not exist in real life. No matter what you want to tell you. Keep away from it. If you do not have a regular income, you can not repay a loan. So you will not receive a positive loan commitment. If you have a regular income or a guarantor, or someone who takes out a loan with you, we recommend our credit comparison.