Responsible lending works in practice

Responsible lending sounds lofty, but what does it really mean for the lender and the lender? The law defines good lending practices and acts as a strong guideline for responsible

Easy loan for winter tire change

Even though the autumn has been exceptionally warm, winter tire changes are already on the way in the minds of those moving around. Loans for Winter Tire Change Old winter

We will continue to offer loans

Good Finance will soon be called Good Finance Loan and Good Finance Consumer Credit will be named Good Finance Loan. At the same time, the Good Finance and brands will become

Good Lender continued its strong growth in 2018

The growth in net sales was driven by the expansion of the business into new products. The company’s operating profit increased by 20.4% to EUR 25.8 million (EUR 21.4 million),

All about Positive Credit Register

It has been a long time since attempts have been made to obtain a positive credit register in Finland and it seems that a change in this direction is possible.

How Much Does a Child Cost?

As the family size grows, so do the expenses, of course. Of course, a new family member is invaluable to their parents, but what does it really cost the family

How much does a hobby cost?

  The fall will return to everyday life after the summer craze, which also means it’s time to continue your hobbies or start a few new ones. Hobby can be

Paying for Products by Installment or Credit?

  Is it worth paying in installments or do you already have a suitable loan product for installment purchase? You do not necessarily need a new loan, as this is

How to apply for a loan without a bank code (3 minutes)

The mobile certificate works with the SIM card of your mobile phone and allows you to identify yourself, for example, to the authorities’ online services or apply for a loan.

How and what do Finns spend? (2018)

What do you think your monthly income will be, what are your regular expenses? Finnish consumer habits have changed and grown in recent years, although we are still moderate consumers